Plan for Your Future in Margate City, NJ

Hire an estate planning lawyer

Estate planning takes the guesswork out of your future and the pressure off your surviving family members. The Law Office Of Jeremy B. Rubin will help you get your affairs in order while you still can, so your assets will be distributed as you want them to be. I’ll file any of your relevant paperwork and help you set up your will and trust. I also offer probate services to clients in the Margate City, NJ and all of southern New Jersey who have recently lost a family member.

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3 things to plan for with the help of an estate planning lawyer

Thinking about death or infirmity may seem morbid, but it’s necessary to make sure your family is protected in case of an accident. Your estate planning lawyer will go over:

  1. Your end-of-life care – I’ll help you put a plan in place for your medical care in the event you can’t make decisions for yourself.
  2. Your asset distribution – I’ll help you plan how your funds, stocks and properties will be distributed.
  3. Your children’s care – I’ll help you put a plan in place for your children’s care if something happens to you before they reach adulthood.

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