Are You in a Sticky Situation in Margate City, NJ?

You need a competent criminal law attorney on your side

When you run into trouble with the law, there’s no time to lose. Hire a capable lawyer in Margate City, NJ who can help you get your charges reduced or thrown out altogether. The Law Office Of Jeremy B. Rubin, PA helps clients with their traffic violations, DUI arrests and criminal charges. I also work with people who need to plan their estate or probate someone else’s estate after their death.

Call 609-246-0222 for a free phone consultation about your specific situation.

Hire a trustworthy criminal lawyer when you need one

When you get hit with a criminal charge, don’t panic. You’ll be in great hands with Jeremy B. Rubin, PA. I’ll work my hardest to:

  • Mitigate your theft, assault, narcotics possession or criminal mischief charge.
  • Reduce or dismiss your DUI charge.
  • Reduce or clear your traffic violation.

Place your trust in Jeremy B. Rubin, PA and ease your worries about your pending case.

I can also assist you with your estate planning needs. Call the Law Office Of Jeremy B. Rubin, PA to schedule a meeting to draft your will and trust or probate your family member’s estate.

About the Law Office Of Jeremy B. Rubin, PA

My practice is based in Margate City, NJ, but I travel throughout Atlantic, Camden, Burlington and Cape May counties to represent the interests of my clients. I’m a member of the Atlantic County Bar Association and have been working in the legal field since 2007. I began my private practice 2014.

I graduated from The Pennsylvania State University in 2005 with an undergraduate degree in political science and received my law school degree from Rutgers University in Camden, NJ in 2010. You can trust my expertise and experience to help you through your situation. Call 609-246-0222 to learn more about the Law Office Of Jeremy B. Rubin, PA.

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